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July 7, 2020
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House for sale montreal

House for sale Montreal is a word of mouth once again in the Montreal real estate market. The number of Montreal Single-family house for sale has shown a rising trend in the past few weeks, mainly after May 2020. Though the Montreal real estate market is hit by the pandemic in the year 2020, prices fluctuate in the first half of the year 2020 as compared to last year’s stats where it was always rising with the time. With the start of Global pandemic COVID, investors tried to sell their homes as there was no prediction of a rise in prices, and the recession in the prices was observed. Montreal has been hit harder in comparison with other areas, single-family home sales reduced by 68% percent. Coronavirus has played the most significant factor in the recession of prices and brought the highest uncertainty factor. The Government has to take crucial steps as house prices need to align with low-income people as well. The pandemic has affected the economy as well, due to which fluctuations in prices are expected in the 2nd half of the year 2020 as well. Considering all the above factors (and If the government takes necessary steps), it would be still very difficult for a common man to buy a home in Montreal. COVID changing the World economy dynamics, creating more and more difficulties to even reach the benchmark price of a house.

Rent vs Buy house in Montreal

rent vs buying house in montreal

The basic reason for rising in prices is that millennials are earning enough and interested more in buying houses rather be on rent. Yet a considerable portion of the population has homes on rent. Montreal is also known to be as “City of renters”. More people rent houses and very few people own houses. In a recent analysis of how the trend “Rent vs Buy house in Montreal” will go in the future, the rental homes will increase in the future. But competition among the renters will increase as well. There has been a considerable rise observed in the rents of homes due to the rise in the prices of homes.

Buying a home is much difficult, so people, who have invested in homes, are continuously pushing up the house rents and Montreal is becoming less and less favorable for renters. Investors purchase Duplexes and triplexes and convert them to units with higher prices by making these more luxurious and attractive. Still, some are more affordable areas but again control in rental prices needs to be addressed. The government is taking steps to make rent more affordable and making sure that new renting units are at affordable prices. Two/thirds of the total occupiers in the Montreal are rental while rest are the owners.

Montreal Single-Family Homes For Sale 

Single family homes in montreal

The market analysis of the real state is more or less like a product whose sale is affected by demand vs. supply graph. In Montreal, most of the buildings are old fashioned. It has been estimated that almost 40 percent of buildings are old fashioned and constructed around 1960 and 1980s. But in the past few years, with an increase in population and movement of people to Montreal city and the increase in foreign investments, the real estate business is growing at a very rapid pace. The prices of single-family homes had always increased in parallel with the increased demand. So, given the same rising trend, a 6% increase in houses was expected by the end of this year. 

If the pandemic situation retains, then prices will be reduced as there will be a factor of unemployment as well. Canadian Government has to consider all the factors. Unemployment under controlled if pandemic conditions retain, then there will be a clear recession in home prices. The main reason behind the recession of home prices is to adjust the prices considering the affordability power of people. In Montreal, single-family homes are more affordable as compared to condos, which were once considered cheaper than single-family homes.

There are certain factors to be considered for the Montreal single-family homes prices: Core demand, Non-core demand, Government, and supply. Core demand considers various factors such as population growth, home prices growth, saving rates, and financing. The Government has to consider Transaction taxes, property taxes, mortgage policy, and social housing programs. Supply considers factors such as housing stock growth, rental vacancy rate, and active listings. Non-Core demand includes foreign capital, domestic investors, and recreational property owners.

Montreal Townhouses For Sale

montreal townhouse for sale

The Montreal housing market is very different from other Canadian cities. Montreal Townhomes are unique and luxurious in its way. A lot of realtors provide a wide variety of townhomes in different areas of Montreal. Although the price is rising day by day, the Government is taking all necessary measures to keep it as close to the benchmark price. Montreal Townhomes are more popular now as they are more affordable and above all with a little compromise that has to made by people residing in Hometown, it saves them a lot of rent that has to be paid for separate homes in Montreal. An Increase in universities and advancement in technology and population rise adding all these factors for people of average earning to opt for Montreal hometowns.

Investment Property In Montreal

Montreal Investment property

In the past few years, Montreal has become a real state hub-spot for International as well as for the domestic investors. An increased number in Chinese investors is observed in the market of Montreal. Investment in a real state is highly determined by the objective given. Either an investment has been made keeping in view to generate money from the invested money or to wait for considerable time say 5 to 10 years to get a fruitful output of investment, the main thing is to identify the objective of investment. Also, consider the working done on the spreadsheet as well. 

The real estate market fluctuates as well. It’s not all about rising trends all the time, instead, the prices may fluctuate depending upon the supply and demand. Because of Investment Property in Montreal, it will be highly recommendable to invest now. It’s now considered the most crucial time to be invested as due to COVID prices were down but now they are arising again. If the circumstances improve after the pandemic then a rising trend will be regained. The best approach is to invest in areas that may earn you a reasonable profit in the short term. Investing in property will be beneficial for both domestic as well as international investors as Montreal is 2nd largest city now and it would turn out to be most attractive in all perspectives to all global technology giants as well. Due to an increased number of universities and skilled youth, it will help to attract more investors and this will be another addition to the centers of research and development. 


Given all, Montreal Real estate Market showed a rising trend in the past few years. However, prices were very high by the end of 2019 due to the pandemic, as the World economy has severely affected which has also impacted the real estate market in Montreal. The same rising trend was expected to be in the year 2020 but in the first few months of the COVID pandemic, price recession was observed. In May 2020, prices are again gaining surge and it would be a good opportunity to invest in the Montreal real estate market to get a good return of the investment.  

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